Milwaukee County Road Construction

This is a complete list of all road construction projects on federal, state, and county highways through 2012 in Milwaukee County.

2006 - 2008

Road Terminus 1 Terminus 2
I-43 I-894 (Hale Interchange) Into Waukesha County
Bluemound Rd. (US-18) 68th St. Glenview Ave. (STH-181)
Milwaukee St. & State St. (N & W US-18) Michigan Ave. Old World 3rd St.
Appleton Ave. (US-41) 76th St. (STH-181) Zoo Freeway (US-45)
Loomis Rd. (STH-36) Grange Ave. St. Martin's Rd. (STH-100)
27th St., Highland Ave., 20th St. (STH-57) I-94 Fond du Lac Ave. (STH-145)
Ryan Rd. (STH-100) 27th St. (STH-241) 68th. St. (CTH-A)
Airport Spur (STH-119) (2007-2008) Howell Ave. (STH-38) I-94
76th St. (STH-181) Florist Ave. County Line Rd.
Capitol Dr. (STH-190) 35th St. 60th St.

2009 - 2012

Road Terminus 1 Terminus 2
I-894 (2009 only) Entire Length
Bluemound Rd.(US-18) Zoo Freeway (US-45) Mayfair Rd. (STH-100)
Stadium Freeway (US-41) Entire Length
Zoo Freeway (US-45) I-894 (Zoo Interchange) North Interchange (STH-145)
Forest Home Ave. (STH-24) 43rd St. 108th St. (STH-100)
Loomis Rd. (STH-36) 27th St. Grange Ave.
Howell Ave. / Chase Ave. (STH-38) Airport Spur (STH-119) Oklahoma Ave.
Green Bay Rd. (STH-57) Mill Rd. Good Hope Rd.
Green Bay Rd. (STH-57) Teutonia Ave. County Line Rd.
Brown Deer Rd. (STH-100) 91st St. 124th St.
Brown Deer Rd. (STH-100) I-43 Green Bay Rd. (STH-57)
Mayfair Rd. (STH-100) Watertown Plank Rd. Burleigh St.
Ryan Rd. (STH-100) Howell Ave. (STH-38) 27th St. (STH-241)
76th St. (STH-181) Center St. Capitol Dr. (STH-190)
Capitol Dr. (STH-190) 60th St. Grantosa Ave.
27th St. (STH-241) Intersection with Rawson Ave.